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New website

The new website for the Triangle Book Arts is:

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Our tumblr might not show it yet but we’ve been busy with workshops, meetings, and of course individual projects. 

The most exciting news on the horizon is that we will be having a group exhibition at the Carrack Modern Art gallery in Durham in early December 2013:  “Code X: Triangle Book Arts.”  More news about that as it develops!

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July 2012 Workshop: Book Repair Demonstration

Mary Yordy shared her wonderful knowledge of book repair assessment and techniques in this month’s Triangle Book Arts workshop. Mary evaluated books requiring different levels of repair that she and group members brought for the discussion. Mary will provide a second book repair demonstration in August.

Following are photos from the event, a list of book repair materials, and some notes from Mary on approaches to book repair.

Visit our calendar for future workshops and events.



Mary Yordy and members of the Triangle Book Arts

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March 2012 workshop: Sewn-boards binding


The gang at work.

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Triangle Book Arts, now on the web

The Triangle Book Arts Group was formed in January 2011.  During a series of artists’ book events at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University in the fall of 2010, it became obvious that there was great interest in book arts and that there were many individual book artists and artisans in the area.  There just wasn’t a center of activity or a whole lot of connection between everyone.  We formed the group to be a network for sharing news about our work, events, and anything else of interest we came across.

The group quickly grew (64 members and counting!) and we began to meet monthly.  By the end of 2011, we had not only held workshops on different binding, printing, and other techniques, but members had also taken part in a variety of public talks and exhibitions.  An exhibition at the Ackland Museum Store in the fall capped off a tremendous year for book arts in the area.

We’re looking forward to 2012 and the next steps of our growth.  We’re improving our web presence so that it will be easier for new folks to find us and for current members to share news.  And we’re planning to start bringing in instructors from outside the area to offer more workshops. 

We’re an open, welcoming group.  Check out our calendar of meetings and local events.  Or contact us at trianglebookarts at gmail dot com if you would like to be added to our listserv.

- Josh Hockensmith